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Conjugation SMRT : Downtown (2018)


118 x 86 x 7.5 cm
HMA on Canvas

This is the Downtown line in 2018. It comes encased in an acrylic box like in the last photo.

Part of the Conjugation series, in Singapore this time around. As I grew up in Singapore using the MRT as a means of transport, I focused on the individual journey. Most of the time, train carriages are a space that simply slices through our daily consciousness. You enter at one point, and you get off at another, almost missing out on the in-between. We rarely view the MRT in different light.

Using satellite images from Google, I traced the daily commute over and over again using HMA. By stacking the layers and layers on top of each other, I repeat the ‘journey’ and in the end, the effect resembles that of topography, or a map relief.

The daily commute on the MRT can be repetitive and we hardly see anything else besides the beginning and the end of the journey. However, if only we relook at the everyday, we can find beauty in the seemingly ordinary and repetitive.

Read more about the artwork here.

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  • Image of Conjugation SMRT : Downtown (2018)
  • Image of Conjugation SMRT : Downtown (2018)
  • Image of Conjugation SMRT : Downtown (2018)