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Glue Again : Restarting (2019)


61 x 61 x 3.5 cm
HMA on Canvas
Restarting (2019) was the last piece created of the series and was crafted from the HMA offcuts that were generated during the creation of the other works of the exhibition.

The creations featured in GLUE AGAIN showcased the range and aesthetic potential of hot melt adhesive (HMA), a commonly used thermoplastic. Though thermoplastics are widely known for their functional properties, they are rarely valued for their aesthetic qualities. With this exhibition, however, I wanted to question our assumptions about a material. By expanding the language of HMA, I wanted to transform this humble thermoplastic beyond its recognised form as hot glue—a traditional intermediate material—into works which allow HMA to not only stand alone as a medium of expression, but also flourish.

Read more about the show here.

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  • Image of Glue Again : Restarting (2019)
  • Image of Glue Again : Restarting (2019)
  • Image of Glue Again : Restarting (2019)