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Taking Routes : Never Forget Your Routes (2022)


61 x 46 x 3.5 cm
HMA on Canvas
One path tracks stories of going to the church, for Sunday service, or also known as a meeting point with your current boyfriend before heading down towards the Pasar Malam that lined Tanglin Halt Road. The other path tracks stories that took individuals towards the railway path, where they could see the ‘ang moh’ houses in Portsdown before venturing on for their nature walks, playing with their friends on the railway tracks or picking tapioca that was grown in the area.

In Taking Routes, the journeys of Tanglin Halt residents, past and present, was the focus of my ongoing study of tracing our overlooked everyday rituals. In this study, the routes were shaped from stories of individuals to create a personalised map of their daily journeys. The subjects revisited memories and shared stories of living and working in the estate, treading the same paths with different intentions, locating common destinations with different routes laid out…

I then took these separate routes and overlaid them to create a combination of courses taken around the estate, each an exploration of the journeys and how they could have interacted with each other. These personal seemingly mundane rituals, combined with my technique of applying repeated layers of HMA, have resulted in the landscapes visualised in this show.

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  • Image of Taking Routes : Never Forget Your Routes (2022)
  • Image of Taking Routes : Never Forget Your Routes (2022)
  • Image of Taking Routes : Never Forget Your Routes (2022)